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HandPunch UltraSoft

HandPunch UltraSoft

HandPunch UltraSoft is a full-featured and comprehensive time & attendance software package designed for large companies needing greater flexibility in managing their labor force. It differs from our HandPunch ProSoft in that it offers a bit more flexibility in creating rounding rules and the flagging of certain punch transactions which are outside of certain parameters that you define. It also has several more levels of job costing functionality and allows for reporting on piece rate workers. It is usually used by the large enterprise consisting of several hundred employees.

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Listed below are some of the payroll software and providers that our time clock system can export data to. Even if your payroll software or provider is not listed, don't worry, we will most likely be able to export to them. Just give us a call to discuss.

ADP, Abra, Accpac, Arrow, Attache, CBS, Ceridian, Certipay, CompuPay, Cyberpay, Cyborg, EZE-PAY, Evolution, Execupay, Fidelity, Gevity, Glazers, HRPyramid, Intuit, Jonas, MYOB PowerPay, Mangrove Software, Mas90, Micropay, Micropay Meridian, Millenium, PC Connect Pay Plus, Pay-E, PayAmerica, Paychex, Paykwik, Paylocity, Peachtree, Perfect Pay, Prestige Payroll, PrimePay, ProBusiness PowerPay, QuickBooks Pro, Quick Payroll, QuickPay Plus, RPS Payroll, Rapid Pay, SLS, SOI Payroll, SQL/Pay, Safeguard, Thomas Reuters Service Bureau Payroll CS, Summit, Sybiz, Time Card Data, Topps Payroll, UK Payroll, Unified Payroll, Wage Easy, Wells Fargo, Winpay

We Can Export Time Sheet Data Directly to Your Payroll Provider
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