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The HandPunch 2000 is used most often by mid to large size companies looking for a handreader with some extra functionality. By coming standard with 2 programmable function keys, this timeclock will allow workers to enter additional information at the terminal. For example, they will be able to transfer into different departments; which is useful if they receive a different rate of pay depending upon what department they work in. It can also be used for piece workers; if you want them to enter in the number of units they produced during their shift.

The maximum user capacity of the HandPunch 2000 is 512 employees and it communicates through an RS-232 serial connection. A fifty foot cable attaches to the clock, and the other end connects to the computer that the time & attendance software is loaded on. An optional modem is also available, which will allow the unit to be used at remote locations. Simply plug a phone line into it, and start downloading your employees' time transactions. The HP2000 also now has the ability to use an optional Ethernet Card to allow for communication right over your existing computer network

HandPunch 2000

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HandPunch 2000 Manual

“HandPunch Guys provided a user friendly employee time tracking system. We had been with another biometric scanning software provider but it was complicated to use and required many man-hours of oversight each week. The new software is easy to manage and reduced the time supervisors spend on time management drastically. In addition, Will made the transition seamless. He spent as much time as necessary helping us set up the system and is always available for technical support. I highly recommend HandPunch Guys”
Syosset Fire District
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